3.1.5 Update Templates via csv

You can upload a csv file to create or update new indexation and price curves. This by clicking on the “Template” tab and thereafter either directly on “csv” to upload a new indexation or alternatively, you click on the Indexation you want to replace and then in the template itself, you click on “Update from csv”. Furthermore, you can directly create a new price curve by uploading a csv when as example setting up a Feed-in-Tariff renumeration. The csv file must have following format, where the first column contains the date, and the second one the value for that date. Note that you also have to chose the correct column delimiter and the date format before uploading.


Creating a new Indexation via csv

In the tab “Template”.

Updating an Indexation vis csv

In the tab “Template”.

Creating a new renumeration or indexation via csv

In the object itself as example in the tab “Sales”.