2.2.2 Adding Projects to the Portfolio

After creating a portfolio, you can then decide which projects to add. You can then select the projects you want to add via the dropdown. All portfolio functionalities are based on working with two plans. One is the reference version, the other is the comparing version. You can also select individual investors (see Investor for further details) from the project versions if this is whished for. The main use case of the portfolio is to build a “Reference Portfolio* based on the reference plans of the individual projects as well as a “Comparison Portfolio” to see if the portfolio is performing as expected. In that case, the reference versions would often be the transaction plans, while the comparison versions would be the updated plans, ideally complemented by actual figures. Note that in case an investor is chosen or that the portfolio projects contain different currencies, not all graphs and KPIs can be displayed. You can always add new projects or delete existing projects of the portfolio. You can also grant access rights on this page, either as guest or as a contributor.