3.5.1 Construction Loan

In the debt tab when you are adding a debt position you can chose between two different kinds of debt. One is the Term Loan, which is used when there is one payment date and the interests are being paid from the beginning. However, there is also the Construction Loan which can be chosen in case the loan is paid out in different tranches and/or the interests are capitalised during a certain period. This is commonly used during the construction phase of a project when there aren't yet any cashflows from the project to pay the interests.

Different to the Term Loan, we now have the option to chose several issuance date by klicking on the icon. You can then define when each issuance takes place, and the percentage amount that is paid out at each date, in percentage. You can chose a specific interest that counts only for the construction loan term as well as Commitment Interest (interest paid on amount of loan that has not been paid out yet). You can also decide to capitalize interests during the construction phase (and even chose compounding), in which case the interests that would have been due during the construction phase is added to the total loan amount, on which after the construction loan term ends interests are paid. The construction loan term is defined by the consolidation date, which offers several options such as a specific date or the date of the last loan disbursement, which is the last issuance date.


After the loan transfers to a normal term loan, the below information account for the loan.