1. About green[::]match



greenmatch gmbh runs a platform with a standard-financial model for the financial planning and the transaction evaluation of renewable energy power plants and other asset classes under the domain www.greenmatch.ch. The conception bases on know-how of buyer advice for transaction support of several wind and photovoltaic projects in Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal with an asset value of more than 500 Millions Euro. The proper use of the financial modeling platform requires subject-specific financing knowledge. This documentation describes all input fields, the calculation logic and the resulting Outputs. The documentation is a reference book which is updated when a new version of green[::]match was released. All users should therefore consult the newest online version of this documentation.

Application Area


Module: Valuator, Analyzer & Reporting

The green[::]match modules Valuator, Analyzer and Reporting are suited for the evaluation during a transaction process.

The financial modeling platform was designed for a scope as large as possible (that is Europe-wide and independent of the project phase). The whole transaction process was molded to consider Asset Purchase Price, Return assumptions or DSCR view of the bank.

Module: Collaborator

The green[::]match Module Collaborator enables the possibility to share a project with internal and external users and a central team management through the team administrator. In addition, central team templates as price tables can be managed.

Module: Asset Controlling

Extensions in line with Asset Controlling are planned in the development schedule and can be supported by suitable development agreements of licencees.

Module: Portfolio Management

Extensions in line with Portfolio Management are planned in the development schedule and can be supported by suitable development agreements of licencees.

Types of Power Plants

The financial modeling platform is essentially desinged for the evaluation of Wind, Photovoltaic, Hydro and Biomass projects.

A standardization for power plant in the field of solar heat and geothermal energy is planned in the development schedule and can be supported by suitable development agreements of licencees.

Project Phases

The financial modeling platform can analyses transactions of projects under construction, in operation and turnkey projects. The timeline differs therefore the production start date and the transaction date

  • Project under construction, if transaction date < production start date
  • Turnkey Project, if transaction date = production start date
  • Project in operation, if transaction date > production start date

Countries und Jurisdiction

The constraints are primary given because of Feed-in-Tariff- and tax regimes. green[::]match provides "generic" combination fields to secure the coverage of different drivers, values, start- and end dates individually and country independent.

Legal and Deal forms

Relating to legal (Private- or Capital company) or deal (Share or Asset Deal) forms green[::]match makes no differentiation. So it's important to consider the model as an economic project unit, despite integrated financial presentation with a Profit & Loss statement, a Cashflow statement and a Balance Sheet. The presentation corresponds in no case to a country specific accounting standard, but reflects "economic relations" between the evaluated project and it's economic outside world.

Relating to deal forms the interpretation of the input value "Capex" is important. The financial modeling platform considers in either case the central asset "power plant" as outflow of funds (Capex) within the investing cashflow (without value added tax).